We Are On The Line!


Finally! After months of development and many sleepless nights, we are happy to announce the launch of CDNlion™ for beta testing.

CDNlion™ is a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) service provider that helps its customers speed up websites, images and video streaming.

We operate a large network of more than 110 data centers all over the world. Our system automatically copies all the data from our clients’ servers, such as websites, scripts, images, videos and other files, to our servers. When audience tries to access these files from any location on the planet, our intelligent DNS infrastructure ensures that the content is served from the best location possible – usually the closest data center to the user.

We offer a number of packages starting from $49. After you purchase one of the packages and your account balance is recharged, you can select geographical locations where your audience is and where you want your online content to load fast.

Each continent has a different price. Except from the standard network (which has more locations and better price than our competitors) we also offer a premium network – more exclusive locations for better load time that cost a little more. We charge your account per byte of bandwidth used to speed up your online content. The network prices start from $0.049 per GB of used bandwidth for USA & Canada and European Standard Network.

We also offer a FREE TRIAL. Try us for 14 days and then decide whether you want to continue using our network or cancel your account. It’s free of charge!

For the next few weeks we will be fixing minor bugs and then launch the final version of our app. Please, excuse any errors that might occur during the time of beta testing. In case you encounter any bug, please email us at support@cdnlion.com and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

For more information about the project and the company, please contact us at media@cdnlion.com.