Sign Up for Content Delivery Network

Signing up for your own free trial is pretty easy and fast at CDNlion™.

1. If you are on the website ( your first step would be hitting the Sign Up button in the top header. If you have already signed up click on Client Login instead.

2. Fill in the sign up form and click on Start my free trial.

3. You will be asked to authorize your email address. Please head to your email account and click on the link we’ve just sent you.

4. There you go. Your free trial is ready for you. Now you just need to configure your resources – websites – that you want to speed up. The instructions on how to add your websites is in Set Up Your CDN or you can just follow the steps 5 – 7 below.

5. You should have Create a new CDN resource page in the front of you. If not go to Dashboard and click on Create New Resource.

6. Fill in your Domain Name (name of your website, e.g., check if you want SSL to be enabled and fill in your CDN Domain Name (name of your CDN server of your choosing, e.g. you can just use simple

7. Select Service Areas. In free trial you can only choose standard servers in Europe and USA & Canada. After you recharge your account you will be able to select any location on the planet. Click on Create button to finish!

Now you will need to set your DNS using your hosting provider’s administration area and integrate it with your CMS.