Set Up Your Resource and CNAME

First you need to set up a website (resource) and set your DNS using your hosting provider’s admin (if your hosting provider uses cPanel you can see our guide called Integrate With cPanel Hosting).

Download W3 Total Cache Plugin

We will show you step by step how to integrate your WordPress website with your CDNlion™ account using a plugin called W3 Total Cache.

1. Log in to your WordPress, go to Plugins and select Add New.

2. Use the search bar to find W3 Total Cache.

3. After you find W3 Total Cache plugin hit Install Now for download and free installation.

Activation and Settings

4. After just a few moments you should see that the plugin was successfully installed. Then click on Activate Plugin.

5. In the left side bar you should now be able to see a new item in the menu called Performance. Click on it and go to General Settings.

6. The CDN configuration box is on the bottom of the page. Check the Enable CDN checkbox and then select Generic Mirror in the CDN Type drop menu.

7. Click on Save all settings.

8. You should now see a red error box on the top of the page saying: A configuration issue prevents CDN from working. The “Replace default hostname with” field cannot be empty. Specify it here.

9. Click on Specify it here to configure host name.


10. You should have already setup a website (resource) using CDNlion™ Dashboard. The setup provided you with a CNAME which has been set to pull the content from your domain. Open CDNlion™ Dashboard ( to get your unique Hostname.

11. When you open Dashboard, find the website (resource) you are trying to configure and click Manage.

12. You will see Information on how to set up DNS right away. Under number 3 you should see the Hostname (Name) you’ve already set up and a unique CNAME code (Value).

13. Now copy the Hostname (Name), in this example, and go back into the WordPress control panel.

14. Select the Performance tab and then go to CDN. Scroll down to Configuration and in the field ‘Replace site’s hostname with:’ you should paste the Hostname which you copied from your CDNlion™ Dashboard in step 13.


15. Once you have pasted your hostname into the field select Test Mirror. If it’s working you should now see a ‘Test passed’ message.

It is important to note that if you have only just created the CDN hostname that it can take up to ten minutes to work, so if the ‘Test failed’ then allow above ten minutes before trying again.

16. Once you have seen the ‘Test passed’ message click Save all settings. Awesome, you’re done! Your WordPress website will be updated and start using your CDN for images, scripts, styles and other files.