Set Up Your Resource and CNAME

First you need to set up a website (resource) and set your DNS using your hosting provider’s admin (if your hosting provider uses cPanel you can see our guide called Integrate With cPanel Hosting).

Magento Configuration

In Magento you don’t need to install any special plugin to get CDN pull the website content and make it load faster.

1. In your Magento admin go to System and click on Configuration.

2. Select Web to change the assets.

3. To set up Skin (CSS), Media (images and video), and JavaScript, you need to set the texts in the boxes like this (let’s use as an example):

Base URL:
Base Link URL:
Base Skin URL:
Base Media URL:
Base JavaScript URL:

You will find the Hostname in CDNlion™ Dashboard. See steps 4. – 6. for more details.

4. You should have already setup a website (resource) using CDNlion™ Dashboard. The setup provided you with a CNAME which has been set to pull the content from your domain. Open CDNlion™ Dashboard ( to get your unique Hostname.

5. When you open Dashboard, find the website (resource) you are trying to configure and click Manage.

6. You will see Information on how to set up DNS right away. Under number 3 you should see the Hostname (Name) you’ve already set up.


7. Awesome, you’re done! To check if everything is working go to your CDN host name (from step 6), choose an asset (like an image), right-click on it and select inspect the element. You will see the code of this asset being sources from your hostname – like for example instead of