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Global Content Delivery Network Launched – From a Pub is launching one of the largest and most affordable content delivery networks in the CDN industry over a keg of beer. The whole team was called to meet in one of the Prague’s finest pubs to launch the product and announce plans to educate public about the many benefits of using a content delivery network to speed up and secure online content. is a privately-owned global start-up company founded in 2013. The company is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) services provider that uses a system and network of data centers located worldwide to speed up websites, images, videos and other static digital content.

The company operates one of the largest delivery networks of more than 110 data centers and 2,000 clouds located on 6 continents. Its system automatically copies static online content from the clients’ servers, such as websites, scripts, images, videos and other files, and stores it on the company’s servers. When audience tries to access these files from any location on the planet, CDNlion’s intelligent DNS infrastructure ensures that the content is served from the best location possible – usually from the closest data center to the user.

After more than 2 months of beta testing the company is launching the upgraded app. Since much of the development was done in the local cafeterias and pubs, the launch takes place in one of the Prague’s finest pubs – Lokal, over a few pints of traditional Pilsner beer.


The Story

It all started two years ago in early 2012 as explained by Adam Dunovsky, Founder & CEO of “I was working as a head of sales and marketing at the National Gallery in Prague back then. At the time we were developing a new website with a large high-definition image gallery of artworks. We knew we needed some extra power to handle the traffic. Thanks to the Google Art Project we had a very recent experience with HD images and we knew that the new site would get a lot of attention from the local media. That’s when I first came across delivery networks.”

Flexible and affordable content delivery network with simple implementation didn’t really exist at that time. The big companies like Akamai, Amazon and others were offering expensive solutions with huge minimum traffic and pricey setup fees. “It got me wondering if there isn’t any other cheaper option available. I started looking for a way to build a network of servers based on a cloud technology. I found Onapp platform later in 2012 and started working on,” Adam added.

In the beginning of 2013 the company was founded and the development started. After two-month beta testing with a few dozen customers, is finally launching!


The Technical Stuff

The company utilizes Onapp’s federated CDN platform, similarly to providers like CDN77, CDNify or who managed to launch its services before All these new commercial CDN providers can offer much lower price (and a great coverage) than the big players. took a different approach from its competitors and is launching with the largest data center coverage – more than 110 active data centers, a little over 170 data centers in total at its disposal and over 2,000 clouds located on 6 continents, offering push and pull service. offers a free 14-day trial after which the user can purchase one of the prepaid packages that are starting from $25. offers pay as you go pricing where customers only pay for their actually bandwidth usage. Standard servers in the USA, Canada and Europe cost only $49.90 per TB. Providers like Akamai, EdgeCast, Amazon Cloudfront and other competitors charge multiples of that for the same service (Akamai $350/TB, EdgeCast $200/TB, Amazon Cloudfront $120/TB).

The CDN market is estimated to grow significantly in the next few years. Some reports indicate annual revenues of $4.6 billion in 2017 (Informa), some even $7.4 billion. Industry’s global annual revenues reached $2.5 billion in 2013. So even though is offering the top product for the lowest price, the company is not looking to steal clients from its competitors’, but to meet global demand.


What Is CDN Good For

Website load time is a crucial factor in marketing and has a great affect on web traffic and sales. Most of the sites take a long time to load and immediately after four seconds 30% of visitors abandon websites. Average load time is 7 to 10 seconds during which almost 90% of visitors leaves the website they’re browsing, which means that a slow websites keep losing visitors, position in Google, conversions, sales, money and reputation. Check Peer1’s study for more information (Peer1).

Content delivery networks reduce load time to 4 seconds or less. The sites then rank higher in search engines, get more customers and provide better user experience. Another great feature that comes along is security. Sites on a CDN provide DDOS attack protection and offer automatic failover and load balancing.

Any website owner, commerce site, news portal, video and music server, or technology start-up, should use a content delivery network to accelerate and secure its online content.


Future Plans

The question isn’t why website owners should use services of, but why many of them don’t use a content delivery network at all. Even though delivery networks are finally cheap and easy to implement, majority of websites on the internet are not using it, despite its obvious benefits. That’s why the company plans to educate public about the advantages of content delivery networks and promote benefits of using The company plans to create a platform in 2014 that would be endorsed by major CMS and through which benefits of delivery networks would be communicated. And also add some features to the software and app that the CDN industry has never seen before!



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